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Photo101 – a triumph

This is a wrap up of a busy and absolutely wonderful November – 20 assignments. Here are my favorite pictures of it.


Finding the perfect match might appear impossible in the first place, but when you have found it, everything feels natural.


Stations are a wonderful place to study people and their behavior. You see them relaxed when thinking about their upcoming holiday destination, annoyed when their train is delayed, angry when their luggage was… Continue reading

Leading the eye

As a photographer, you capture a 3 dimensional scene on a 2 dimensional medium. To generate depth, you can use the lines and shapes, play around with focus and different apertures. Simply said, every photographer… Continue reading


Here comes the sun


The Barbary macaques in Gibraltar are funny little fellows. They have been living on the famous Rock of Gibraltar for hundreds of years now and are the number one tourist attraction. These furry… Continue reading

Corners and edges, lumps and bumps

Black and white pictures with high contrast always emphasise edges and corners. For me, the Eiffel Tower is an ideal subject to try various angles and perspectives, to look at its edges, corners… Continue reading

Travel bug: street art

Wherever we walk, there might be a glimpse of art and style around us – sometimes at the most unexpected places. Street art can be funny, critical, massive, colorful, but it always catches… Continue reading

Beyond the grave

 Cimitero Monumentale di Milano – Sightseeing in Milan apart the fashion paths is full of sculptures, artistic tombs and impressive monuments.

Angular Duomo

Milano, Italy, is known for fashion and design.Expand your angle: Its famous Duomo is a paradise for photographers. Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular