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When one door closes….

….another one opens. The challenge is to be courageous enough to walk through and to explore the other room.

When in Rome, ….

… do as the Romans do. When in Scotland, drink a glass of whisky.  The word whisky itself comes from the Gaelic meaning “water of life”. Discover the flavors and aromas, from full-bodied,… Continue reading

Step by step

My feet fly over the ground, my heart races, I have my rhythm. Running through a park area, over meadows and glades and through the forest always clears up my mind. As strange as… Continue reading

Sitting in Gaudi’s teacups

Enjoying the Catalan sun, tapas and sangria, Barcelona is lively and all over colorful. Gaudi’s Parc Güell is an unconventional park like out of a fairy tale. Strolling around, you will pass the famous… Continue reading

Fragile blowballs waiting for a breeze

Plants use wind dispersal to spread their seeds over a large area. The seeds are very light and with their feathery bristles they can float in the wind covering long distances. For me a… Continue reading

London connected

Connecting means to establish ties. Patience and trust are the basis for friendship. This reminds me of Saint-Exupéry’s little prince talking to the fox. “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”;”It is the time… Continue reading

Shining glade

Life is what happens while we are busy planning it. Equally often, we do not see the wood for the trees. However, when strolling trough the wood, you can find places like out… Continue reading

Here and now

An unexpected smile on a horrible day from a foreigner just in the right moment;  the happy face of your friend when opening that present on which you have secretly been working for a… Continue reading

Wobbly first steps towards a roller coaster

On September 30, 2014, I started my blog and posted for the first time. Now, more than a month and 47 posts later, it is time to look back to my first wobbly steps. Basically,… Continue reading