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Seasonal changes: Red and yellow autumn

Fog determines the Viennese landscape, but when the sun comes through, everything shines in golden-yellow and red.


Above the clouds

Out of the fog, right into the sunshine.


Trees in autumn are changing their colors every day. It’s beautiful to watch the forest preparing for winter.

Pumpkin season

Orange fields full of pumpkins make me think about pumpkin gratin, pumpkin soup and Halloween.

Flowers over flowers 13

Fall has its own colors. In Vienna, most of the time in fall, it is grey and foggy. But whenever the sun breaks through the fog and clouds, the light is beautiful.

Seasonal Changes 10 – October leaves

Sunshine in fall is a great treat to enjoy the colorful leaves and changing landscape.

Seasonal changes 9 – Fall is coming

With a significant temperature drop von 40°C to 18°C, fall is knocking on the door. It’s the time of young wine, pumpkins and lots of local food.

At leisurely pace along well-known paths

We walk and drive through our street every day. Most of the time, we pay little attention to its details. Today, I slowed down and took some pictures along my route.

Fall enlightened

Picture of the day #15 Nature creates the most colorful light shows. On the way to the summit of Andorra’s highest Peak, Coma Pedrosa, 2942m.