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Photo101 Rehab hosts Available light: from dusk till dawn

September has passed so quickly. Leaves are covering the streets. The days are getting shorter giving us lots of new opportunities to experiment with difficult light conditions. Welcome back, to Lucile and my… Continue reading

Tectonic plates

In Iceland, you can walk between tectonic boundaries, the Eurasian and North American plate.

50 shades of ice

Despite being chilled to the bone, Iceland in winter made my heart beat faster.

A door into the sea

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Door.”

Forces of Nature

For me, Iceland is the embodiment of natural forces. The island is dotted with massive waterfalls, steaming vents, volcanos. A huge part of Iceland is covered with ice and glaciers.


You cannot catch the wind.

Beach waves

Vik is the southernmost village in Iceland and has a stunningly beautiful beach.

Orange dusk

The light when the sun slowly sets lays a golden shimmering cape on the world.

Rain drops

During our stay in Iceland in January this year, the first couple of days were pretty stormy and rainy. Taking pictures could be challenging, sometimes I simply prefered staying inside.

Reykjavik’s walls as canvas

Reykjavik, the capital high up in the North is surrounded by an artistic flair, well¬†known for art and music festivals. In Iceland, almost everybody to some content is an artist. People there are… Continue reading