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Macro time

I played with my 85mm macro lens on my terrace. After the recent heat wave, almost everything is dry but still in full blossom.

Flower power

My blossoming orchids are my pride and joy. Actually, I am beaming with pride because of my Venus’ slipper orchid.

Indoor beauties

Finally, winter has spread its grey and white sheets all over Vienna. Basically, it is wet, cold and grey all day. After running for an hour through the winter landscape, I decided to… Continue reading

A new day

It is another day in another year. After the festive days, things settle back to normality. Challenges, changes, surprises, little wonders but also illness and worries do not stick to the yearly schedule… Continue reading

Raindrops keep fallin’

Into every life a little rain must fall. Make the best out of the rainy winter time and look at the beauty of the raindrops.

Fragile blowballs waiting for a breeze

Plants use wind dispersal to spread their seeds over a large area. The seeds are very light and with their feathery bristles they can float in the wind covering long distances.¬†For me a… Continue reading