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Over the bridge

Continuously, we have to build bridges to interact with people. Sometimes, we have to burn our bridges to move on and look into a an unknown future. Bridges help us find the right… Continue reading

Leading the eye

As a photographer, you capture a 3 dimensionalĀ scene onĀ a 2 dimensional medium. To generate depth, you can use the lines and shapes, play around with focus and different apertures. Simply said, every photographer… Continue reading

Which way?

Up or down? Left or right? Swim or fly? Black or white? Spoilt for choice, we have to make decisions every day. Most of them are minor ones: cinema or couch? Pizza or… Continue reading

Nightly reflections

Picture of the day #5 It was my first time in the big apple. Weeks before, I had already been excited of visiting New York, the city of my favourite films and TV… Continue reading