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Local Sightseeing: Schloss Laxenburg

Laxenburg Palace was one of the Habsburg residences, not far from Vienna with a charming park area.

Local Sightseeing: Schlosshof

Schlosshof was Prince Eugene of Savoy’s country residence – pompous and with a huge garden descending in seven levels of terraces.

Intricate castle

Castles and palaces are majestic, imperial, impressive, most likely shrouded in legend and sometimes mystical. Exploring an old Castle is like a time travel back into an ancient intricate century.


For the Princes Esterhazy family, life at court was pompous and glorious. The palace is full of finest silverware, invaluable paintings and huge halls.

Esterhazy Palace

Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt is a stunning baroque palace that gives an insight into the glamorous life at the court.