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At the bar

After dinner with friends, we decided the night was still too young and went for some cocktails. At the chosen bar,the list of different cocktails was simply endless. So what should we order? Some… Continue reading

Winter wonderland

That’s what winter is supposed to look like

Tea time

My house has been full for two weeks now. It somehow became a tradition that all my friends who meanwhile live far away from home all around the world, come back during Christmas… Continue reading

Blue hour

Take a look up into the sky – the colors, cloud formations and light plays might surprise you and get a smile into the greyest evening. In response to Lens and Pens by Sally’s Phoneography… Continue reading

Reflecting glass

The other side of the window

Finally snow

After all these Christmas cookies and festive dinners, it was time to do some sports again. The long-awaited snow has finally covered the paths in white. The sound of crunching snow under the feet… Continue reading

Schönbrunn in black and white

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most visited sites in Vienna. It was the famous summer residence of the Habsburg emperors. The palace and the amazing park provide plenty of shooting opportunities. Here is… Continue reading

Alea iacta est

We have to make decisions every day. Some are easy, some might be harder. For some, we need a closeup to get enough details to come to our final decision. Phoneography and Non-SLR… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 6

Nikolo time – I hope you all have been good and helpful all year-long, otherwise the Krampus will carry you away in his sack.

Ca(t)dvent – Day 1

The countdown towards Christmas has officially started: 24 more days. Time to put up some decorations and candles. As soon as I started unpacking the box of kitsch, odds and ends, Christmas tree… Continue reading