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Alea iacta est

We have to make decisions every day. Some are easy, some might be harder. For some, we need a closeup to get enough details to come to our final decision. Phoneography and Non-SLR… Continue reading

Raindrops keep fallin’

Into every life a little rain must fall. Make the best out of the rainy winter time and look at the beauty of the raindrops.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

– who’s the fairest of them all? Taking pictures, I love reflections and mirroring effects. The picture of the most boring scenery can become spectacular, an amazing setting can be captured even more… Continue reading


Lonesome places might hide some secret treasure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A winter outlook

First of December and no snow in sight. Christmas is coming closer, all the Christmas markets are full with punch, Advent wreaths, candy apples and lots of kitsch, deco and fairy lights. Although,… Continue reading

Angular Duomo

Milano, Italy, is known for fashion and design.Expand your angle: Its famous Duomo is a paradise for photographers. Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Faces of innocence

Imagine: after various snoozing cycles, the alarm keeps ringing. Finally, realising you are late, you jump out of the bed heading towards the shower. This first adrenalin kick makes you miss the fact… Continue reading

Step by step

My feet fly over the ground, my heart races, I have my rhythm. Running through a park area, over meadows and glades and through the forest always clears up my mind. As strange as… Continue reading

Reach for the moon

Our achievements depend on our dreams and the goals we set. Our success in achieving these goals is influenced by our motivation, commitment, expectation, our social and emotional Environment.

Turn on the light

My car is a constant companion facilitating my every day life. This is one of my car’s “eyes” that lightens every path we take together. I thought this was a worthy fit to Cee’s Fun Photo… Continue reading