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Pumpkin season

Orange fields full of pumpkins make me think about pumpkin gratin, pumpkin soup and Halloween.

Fall leaving its traces

Lately, I was so busy that I even did not take a lot of pictures. It was time that my camera came out of the bag again. Fall had already colored everything in… Continue reading

Photo101 Rehab hosts Available light: from dusk till dawn

September has passed so quickly. Leaves are covering the streets. The days are getting shorter giving us lots of new opportunities to experiment with difficult light conditions. Welcome back, to Lucile and my… Continue reading

More cats

Mr Cat’s lazy evening.

Dinner at the museum

Lately, I had the chance to join for a dinner at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Street Art Fire Show

Last weekend, I visited the street art festival at the Karlsplatz in Vienna and enjoyed some great shows there.

In the desert

Close to Joshua Tree National Park, between Colorado and Mojave desert, in the burning heat, live is challenging. In the middle of nowhere, I found a sign of staying connected.

Flowers over flowers 6

Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge flower meadows, and decided to make a weekly series out of it: Flowers over flowers will be posted every Tuesday. The idea is to bring some… Continue reading

Photo101Rehab hosts Available Light: Zoom on Light Effects

It’s again time for Available Light co-hosting @ Lucile’s Photo101Rehab. Last month, I introduced you to some basics of available light photography and invited you to play with your camera settings. This month, I’ll want… Continue reading

Never judge a book by it’s cover

A book’s cover is supposed to set some expectations, make you pick it out of 1000s of other books and invite you to read it.