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Ca(t)dvent Day 1

24 days until Christmas!  My furry advent calendar is back. Mr and Mrs Cat are back to shorten the time until  Xmas.

Seasonal changes: Red and yellow autumn

Fog determines the Viennese landscape, but when the sun comes through, everything shines in golden-yellow and red.

Photo101 Rehab hosts Available Light: Halloween

Welcome to the Halloween Special of Lucile’s and my (Nalinki from Angleandviews) Available Light Series. Walking through the forest while the fog is painting everything into monotonous grey always reminds me of settings… Continue reading

Fall leaving its traces

Lately, I was so busy that I even did not take a lot of pictures. It was time that my camera came out of the bag again. Fall had already colored everything in… Continue reading

Seasonal Changes 10 – October leaves

Sunshine in fall is a great treat to enjoy the colorful leaves and changing landscape.

Seasonal changes 9 – Fall is coming

With a significant temperature drop von 40°C to 18°C, fall is knocking on the door. It’s the time of young wine, pumpkins and lots of local food.

Lilly on Tour: Good days on the road

Through August, we travelled from San Diego up to Yellowstone and visited various national parks and cities on the way. It was an amazing trip, 5712.6 km on the road, until we flew… Continue reading


Last Halloween, I put on some “death” makeup to hardly recognize myself any more. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Graz with charm

Spending some days in Graz, I found a great hotel with a brilliant and funny concept.


“Privacy in a foreign place” or “dare to wake me up”