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Tea time

My house has been full for two weeks now. It somehow became a tradition that all my friends who meanwhile live far away from home all around the world, come back during Christmas… Continue reading

Blue hour

Take a look up into the sky – the colors, cloud formations and light plays might surprise you and get a smile into the greyest evening. In response to Lens and Pens by Sally’s Phoneography… Continue reading


When I was 14, I got my first camera, a Minolta SLR (analog of course). Immediately, I fell in love with photography and experimenting with light and settings. Though, in that age, I… Continue reading

Indoor beauties

Finally, winter has spread its grey and white sheets all over Vienna. Basically, it is wet, cold and grey all day. After running for an hour through the winter landscape, I decided to… Continue reading

A new day

It is another day in another year. After the festive days, things settle back to normality. Challenges, changes, surprises, little wonders but also illness and worries do not stick to the yearly schedule… Continue reading

Nostalgic look back: 2014, a wrap

I started my blog end of September and instantly fell for blogging. I love all the interactions and stories that people all over the world share. It is like meeting old friends for… Continue reading

Reflecting glass

The other side of the window

Finally snow

After all these Christmas cookies and festive dinners, it was time to do some sports again. The long-awaited snow has finally covered the paths in white. The sound of crunching snow under the feet… Continue reading


Sunrays in fall and winter can be rare in Vienna. They have to fight against a sea of fog. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Warmth.”

Yellow color dots

Back then, in Iceland, when the dandelions flourished. This pic is one of my all-time favorites. I was playing around with my Sony RX100 and tried various settings while waiting for the ferry… Continue reading