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Caught on the hop

When was the last time that you just ran through the grass? When was the last time you simply frolicked and horsed around? During the Christmas holidays, do not forget to take time… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 24

Mr and Ms Cat, Mr Nerd, the bunny rabbits, tortoises and me say thank you for joining Ca(t)dvent. We wish you and your families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 23

You just cleaned the house, mopped up the floor and want to get a coffee at the couch. In this moment, your cats run into the house at high speed. Minutes before they have… Continue reading

Shrouded in mystery

When travelling to Portugal in spring, you probably expect lots of sunshine and warm spring days. Instead, Mr Nerd and me found lots of rain, mist and fog. What the hell – who… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 22

Cats are constantly looking to find new things to do, most of the time this ends with new troubles to get into. Whatever they do, they look absolutely committed and busy.


A cross-country drive through the mud is stuff that dreams are made on.

Ca(t)dvent Day 21

Cats love to scratch their claws, especially on the couch and chairs. As a pre-Christmas treat; I built and installed a custom scratching tree for them. So far, they are curious, mainly because the tree is… Continue reading


Gosh, who is this gorgeous fellow? Who is this girl with hair like a mop? Looking at ones mirror image might not always be a pleasure, but still we recognize ourselves. Self-awareness is an important trait directly… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 20

Finally, it is weekend. After sleeping until noon, I will read a book and maybe snooze a bit on the couch.Before Christmas stress? – No, I am out.

In action

Jauntily, the dogs are playing in the park. Every time, it is a joy watching them frolicking and jumping, hunting a ball or stick that somebody has thrown for them and tussling to win the toy.