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Mirror, mirror on the wall

– who’s the fairest of them all? Taking pictures, I love reflections and mirroring effects. The picture of the most boring scenery can become spectacular, an amazing setting can be captured even more… Continue reading

Sound of music

This famous movie of the Trapp Family playing in Salzburg is basically unknown in Austria. The film is full of stereotypes and clichés. Thousands of tourists come to visit the scenes that mostly are… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 6

Nikolo time – I hope you all have been good and helpful all year-long, otherwise the Krampus will carry you away in his sack.

Ca(t)dvent Day 5

Baking cookies is just too exhausting, we need to take a quick nap. Stars and bell-shaped cookies are boring, thus we decided to prepare some colorful irregular cookies. mhhhhhhmmmmm 🙂 You might also… Continue reading

Proud as a peacock

Darwin already described the peacock’s nuptial plumage to have evolved through sexual selection. The proud males try to impress the females by displaying their colorful, glimmering coat.

Ca(t)dvent Day 4

Getting up in the morning and finding some small present or sweets in my advent calendar makes December the best winter month. December is per se the month constantly indulging my sweet tooth. The… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 3

For me, Christmas ball ornaments are one of the main symbols for Christmas. Although available in all styles and colors, I prefer white and glass ones simply reminding me of ice crystals and… Continue reading

Sunrise in the Alps

Either you are an early bird or stay up late. I rather belong to the second group. This sunrise was the best, I have ever seen. The complete area started glowing and shining.

Ca(t)dvent Day 2

Hide and seek is the favorite game of my cats. In their usual cat style, they play by their own rules. They not only hide themselves, but also items they steal from somewhere… Continue reading

A winter outlook

First of December and no snow in sight. Christmas is coming closer, all the Christmas markets are full with punch, Advent wreaths, candy apples and lots of kitsch, deco and fairy lights. Although,… Continue reading