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Magical mystery in Paris

In any season, Paris, the city of love, is always worth a trip. It’s a shining capital covered in an enchanting, magical atmosphere.

Fragile blowballs waiting for a breeze

Plants use wind dispersal to spread their seeds over a large area. The seeds are very light and with their feathery bristles they can float in the wind covering long distances. For me a… Continue reading

The last rays

Per definition visible light is an electromagnetic radiation in the approximate wavelength range from violet (~400nm) to red (700nm). Taking pictures, we have a whole bunch of tools in our hands to paint with light, which… Continue reading

Nature at a glance

Take a walk in a field of sunflowers , hike up a mountain, run through the woods – go out and breathe the wild air. Nature is the world’s best teacher, explore and enjoy its wonders.

Turn on the light

My car is a constant companion facilitating my every day life. This is one of my car’s “eyes” that lightens every path we take together. I thought this was a worthy fit to Cee’s Fun Photo… Continue reading

Find your bearings

Navigating through unknown territories and moving on unfamiliar ground, both real and literally seen, often make us feel insecure. Landmarks prevent us from getting lost.

London connected

Connecting means to establish ties. Patience and trust are the basis for friendship. This reminds me of Saint-Exupéry’s little prince talking to the fox. “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”;”It is the time… Continue reading

Hints to fairyland

Looking through children’s eyes, nature is a fairy wonderland. Woods, mossy rocks or flower meadows are exciting places full of real or fictitious adventures. Growing up, becoming an adult often goes along with losing one’s ease… Continue reading

It’s all about perspective

Imagine: The nasty noise coming from the construction area across your office often makes it difficult to hear yourself think. Rattled you shut the window. Suddenly, you realise that you should have looked… Continue reading

Shining glade

Life is what happens while we are busy planning it. Equally often, we do not see the wood for the trees. However, when strolling trough the wood, you can find places like out… Continue reading