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Surface reflections

Still waters run deep.

Half and half

Looking at the left and right side of our face, we quickly realise it is not perfectly symmetric.

Without limits

Spread your wings and fly away In response to Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab, a community of photo enthusiasts. Come and join us.


“Privacy in a foreign place” or “dare to wake me up”

Seasonal changes – hot and dry, it’s July

Currently, there is a heat wave over Vienna which makes me feel like melting. The meadows and grass are dry and sere, the air is hot and heavy. The asphalt and concrete of… Continue reading

Along the river

On the way from Barcelona to Andorra, we took a route of the main streets and highways and passed some great places.

A door into the sea

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Door.”

Tristaina mountain view

Andorra is a wonderful destination to enjoy nature and hike along beautiful trails.


For recharging my empty batteries and bringing back my muse, I have a delightful recipe with only the best ingredients.

Photo101Rehab hosts Available Light: start playing

I’m excited to announce the new monthly feature Available Light co-hosting with LucileDeGodoy! Being a night person, I usually find time for taking pictures at dusk or night. Sunset, diffused or artificial lighting, candle-light… Continue reading