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Out of stone

Stone statues are silent witnesses of ancient times that bear up against the elements.

Roy G. Biv

This week’s photo challenge is  a “color-fun” one in which you’ll find all colors of the rainbow. The topic immediately brought Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s haunting song to my mind “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, and… Continue reading


Fireworks – although used at various occasions and festivities – are still the major sign for starting a new year for me: making plans and New Year’s resolutions.

Focus on animals

Taking pictures of animals is tricky as they move every time you press the shutter. You have to be quick and prepared.

Vivid hiking

Hiking makes me feel alive and vital, and lets me forget the stress and troubles of the week.

Seasonal changes – sunny June

I cannot believe it is already half-time of our seasonal changes tour through 2015. Time has passed so quickly, and out of the sudden we have 30 degrees Celsius in Vienna. Summer has… Continue reading

Out of the window

Fluffy white clouds, rural areas, seaside, mountains, cities from the bird eye’s view are a welcome inspiration to let my imagination run wild, shortening the time until I reach the ground again.

Cat basket

Every now and then, I buy a basket  with the aim to fill it with odds and sods. Easier said than done, the Little things never have space in basket.

Team work?

My cats and tortoises have a funny relationship: wherever the cat goes, she will have a friendly follower.

Local Sightseeing: Schlosshof

Schlosshof was Prince Eugene of Savoy’s country residence – pompous and with a huge garden descending in seven levels of terraces.