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Early bird

The early bird catches the worm – or the fish.

Local sightseeing: Above the tree tops

In the Garten Tulln Exhibition area, you can walk up a 30m high viewing platform that brings you above the top of the surrounding trees.

Insect houses

Bug houses are nesting aids for insects. The idea is to help the beneficial insects to overwinter and to stay in their natural Habitats because more and more meadows are destroyed.

Creative Gardening

Finding new purposes for trash and old stuff can be lots of fun. On the weekend, I have visited a gardening exhibition and found some highly creative ways of using all kind of… Continue reading

Dancing molecules

Boiling is the process of changing a liquid into vapor by applying heat. The molecules gain enough energy, to change from their liquid state and rise as vapor.


The influences of the Esterhazy family and Joseph Haydn are visible all over Eisenstadt. The Bergkirche (mountain church) was  built between 1715-1803 according to the plans of Paul I. Esterhazy.

Terrace re-opened

Plants are my passion. I grow them in every room and of course on my terrace. Finally, the temperatures have raised enough to re-open the terrace.


For the Princes Esterhazy family, life at court was pompous and glorious. The palace is full of finest silverware, invaluable paintings and huge halls.

Old bottles

The Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt houses the wine museum. You walk down the stairs into the wine cellar and dive into another century. The smell of wine is omnipresent in the old stone walls.… Continue reading

Seasonal changes – bear’s garlic

Spring has colored the forest in green again. Currently, the ground is covered with bear’s garlic. You can smell it all over the place.