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Lonesome wanderer

Some places are hard to reach. Kalalau Beach on Kauai is one of these places. The only way to get there over land is to take an 8-10 hours strenuous hike. It’s inaccessibility to vehicles, minimizes the… Continue reading

Which way?

Up or down? Left or right? Swim or fly? Black or white? Spoilt for choice, we have to make decisions every day. Most of them are minor ones: cinema or couch? Pizza or… Continue reading

Here and now

An unexpected smile on a horrible day from a foreigner just in the right moment;  the happy face of your friend when opening that present on which you have secretly been working for a… Continue reading

Bark or Leaves

Sequoiadendron giganteum better known as giant sequoias or redwoods are the world’s largest trees. Looking up to their crown makes you feel like a tiny ant. Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Bark or Leaves

Reflections of silence

Water is essential and all times attracting. It has so many faces: water can be peacefully silent acting as a mirror like in the picture below. Waterfalls can show its massive strength. Severe weather and heavy rain can… Continue reading

Cat trap or enigmatic attraction of boxes

Fact 1: Cats love boxes. Fact 2: The box cannot be tiny enough that they won’t try to fit in.

At leisurely pace along well-known paths

We walk and drive through our street every day. Most of the time, we pay little attention to its details. Today, I slowed down and took some pictures along my route.

Wobbly first steps towards a roller coaster

On September 30, 2014, I started my blog and posted for the first time. Now, more than a month and 47 posts later, it is time to look back to my first wobbly steps. Basically,… Continue reading

The place of trust and comfort

Putting it into cat or dog body language: Home is where you can roll around and expose your tummy. Belly display is a sign of feeling serene, relaxed and comfortable. Your cat shows you unwavering trust… Continue reading

Down the road

Travelling through foreign countries always includes lots of time on the road. Some of them are bumpy, others are winding and twisting. The streets give you all options of various directions, but you… Continue reading