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Icelandic waterfalls 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge

The night of the dead

Ghosts, witches, skeletons, vampires and monsters strolling through the night is the sign that All Hallow’s Eve has arrived. Jumping into your costume, becoming one of your fears, turning into one of your… Continue reading

Places to be or morning stumbling cats

Definitely, I am not a morning person. The snooze function of my mobile makes getting up even worse. Just five more minutes… Inevitably, raising too late regularly results in desperate hurry to somehow get ready.

Ghostly baroque

St Charles church in Vienna is the most beautiful and impressive baroque church of the city that has a thousand faces.

Sequoia’s crown

Walk through life with your head held high and look out for new chances. New opportunites are close, you just need to take them. Like a tree know your roots, stay grounded, but let your… Continue reading

Character traits of a tortoise

Living together with 3 amazing tortoises made me recognize some similarities and traits to my own attitude and behavior. No, it’s not the fact that I would love to dive into some restorative… Continue reading

Cat Politeness

When I was a child, I was permanently reminded of some basic table manners: sit up straight and stop rocking your chair. I am pretty sure that sounds familiar to most of you.… Continue reading

Vienna’s immortal bond to morbidity

End of October, the weather became wet and cold. On the weekend, I could already feel winter’s moist breath and chilling breeze. Spending some cosy time on the coach, strolling randomly through the… Continue reading

Monochrome world

Suddenly devoid of color, the world would lack of abundance. Choosing a single object retaining its natural hue, would be a yellow horizon for me. Yellow evening sunlight symbolizes the world’s warmth and coziness to me.… Continue reading

Masks Off: Colorful unchained

Halloween is approaching and so is my joy of planning a freaky costume. Since earliest childhood, I have always loved dressing up. tinkering creative costumes, doing colorful updoes and make-up. Luckily, Halloween has… Continue reading