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Ca(t)dvent Day 1

24 days until Christmas!  My furry advent calendar is back. Mr and Mrs Cat are back to shorten the time until  Xmas.

Shadow play

Light is the essence of photography, shadow is the spice. I post this Picture for Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab.

Heroes of the night

Mans Zelmerlow was the hero of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. 12 points go to a fulminant show and an ever changing spectacular stage with wings of Conchita’s Phoenix.

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Today, we climbed up the Rax Haidsteig in lower Austria. It was cold and windy, but another great hike. We passed some chamois and had lots of fun on the via ferrata.

Weekend fun

This weekend, we had great weather in Vienna, which means lots of outdoor fun: Flying a kite, enjoying a barbecue and relaxing in the grass.

Mighty heaven

In April, the weather is quickly changing – from sunshine to snow and rain within minutes.

Colors of spring

Spring is the best time of the year – a huge awakening, a colorful splash.

Early bird

The early bird catches the worm – or the fish.

Local sightseeing: Above the tree tops

In the Garten Tulln Exhibition area, you can walk up a 30m high viewing platform that brings you above the top of the surrounding trees.

Insect houses

Bug houses are nesting aids for insects. The idea is to help the beneficial insects to overwinter and to stay in their natural Habitats because more and more meadows are destroyed.