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Seasonal changes: Red and yellow autumn

Fog determines the Viennese landscape, but when the sun comes through, everything shines in golden-yellow and red.

Seasonal Changes 10 – October leaves

Sunshine in fall is a great treat to enjoy the colorful leaves and changing landscape.

A sip of wine

Autumn is the best time to wander through vinyards, enjoy the sun and some great wine.

Seasonal changes 9 – Fall is coming

With a significant temperature drop von 40°C to 18°C, fall is knocking on the door. It’s the time of young wine, pumpkins and lots of local food.

Seasonal changes – hot and dry, it’s July

Currently, there is a heat wave over Vienna which makes me feel like melting. The meadows and grass are dry and sere, the air is hot and heavy. The asphalt and concrete of… Continue reading

Photo101Rehab hosts Available Light: start playing

I’m excited to announce the new monthly feature Available Light co-hosting with LucileDeGodoy! Being a night person, I usually find time for taking pictures at dusk or night. Sunset, diffused or artificial lighting, candle-light… Continue reading

Focus on animals

Taking pictures of animals is tricky as they move every time you press the shutter. You have to be quick and prepared.

Local Sightseeing: Schlosshof

Schlosshof was Prince Eugene of Savoy’s country residence – pompous and with a huge garden descending in seven levels of terraces.

Seasonal changes: May flowers

April showers bring May flowers.