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Flowers over flowers 10

Flowers in Iceland often have a rough time fighting the extreme conditions. Nevertheless, they manage to overcome challenging times.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua trees, Yucca brevifolia, belong to the Agave family and are mostly found in the Mojave desert.

Flowers over flowers 8

A walk in a park full of flowers is the best and relaxing break.

Lilly on Tour: Good days on the road

Through August, we travelled from San Diego up to Yellowstone and visited various national parks and cities on the way. It was an amazing trip, 5712.6 km on the road, until we flew… Continue reading

360° of shoe smell

Mr and Mrs Cat love to occupy our shoes. They do not show any preferences, any type of shoe is good enough to take a nap on.

Old school

Clearing an old house is like a time travel. You always find some ancient treasures.

Travel inspiration

A huge part of my life is determined by travelling. Every journey opens new perspectives, every destination is full of surprises.


Nature, mountains and hiking are my Inspiration to re-charge my inner creativity. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inspiration.”

Close up

Blossoming summer – take a closer look.

Eye of the tiger

Whenever I try to make some marvellous pictures of my cats, they either hide, run away, move too quickly or press their nose against my lens.