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Never judge a book by it’s cover

A book’s cover is supposed to set some expectations, make you pick it out of 1000s of other books and invite you to read it.

Surface reflections

Still waters run deep.


For recharging my empty batteries and bringing back my muse, I have a delightful recipe with only the best ingredients.

Tea time: Frozen cocktail

A busy day ended with some great cocktails. Only quickly screening the menu, I went for a strawberry daiquiri with the words “nothing stylish, you always know what you get”.

Roy G. Biv

This week’s photo challenge is  a “color-fun” one in which you’ll find all colors of the rainbow. The topic immediately brought Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s haunting song to my mind “Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, and… Continue reading


Fireworks – although used at various occasions and festivities – are still the major sign for starting a new year for me: making plans and New Year’s resolutions.

Out of the window

Fluffy white clouds, rural areas, seaside, mountains, cities from the bird eye’s view are a welcome inspiration to let my imagination run wild, shortening the time until I reach the ground again.

Team work?

My cats and tortoises have a funny relationship: wherever the cat goes, she will have a friendly follower.


What’s broken? It could be a glass, a relationship, followed by a broken heart, or vice versa the ice to open new opportunities.

Black and white cat

Cats are sleeping most of the day and always look relaxed and comfortable while lying on their favorite spots.