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Weekend fun

This weekend, we had great weather in Vienna, which means lots of outdoor fun: Flying a kite, enjoying a barbecue and relaxing in the grass.

Colors of spring

Spring is the best time of the year – a huge awakening, a colorful splash.

Spring close-up

Spring time is blossoming time.


The influences of the Esterhazy family and Joseph Haydn are visible all over Eisenstadt. The Bergkirche (mountain church) was  built between 1715-1803 according to the plans of Paul I. Esterhazy.

Terrace re-opened

Plants are my passion. I grow them in every room and of course on my terrace. Finally, the temperatures have raised enough to re-open the terrace.

Seasonal changes – bear’s garlic

Spring has colored the forest in green again. Currently, the ground is covered with bear’s garlic. You can smell it all over the place.


My bunny rabbit is ready for spring and already preparing for Easter (playing hide and seek all day). What are your spring indicators?

Even my tea is longing for spring

I love winter, though at some point I start longing for spring time with all its blossoms, flowers and colors. It is the time of the year, when I prepare my seeds for tomatoes,… Continue reading