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Witches’ cauldron

My tea-pot sometimes looks like out of a fairy tale in which witches boil some herbs and plants in a pot.

Cloves and pepper in my coffee

Last week, I met a friend to visit some museums and art galleries in Vienna. To hang out and chat a bit more, we went to a Café. Vienna is well-known for its… Continue reading

Icelandic-flavored tea time

This time I bring some Icelandic goodies to Eclectic Odds n Sods Tea Time Event.

Tea time in preparation

A cupboard full of glasses, cups and fine glassware is waiting for special occasions to open its doors. Why do most of us have this habit to spare some things only for special days and events?… Continue reading

Treasures in the North Atlantic Ocean

The Azores are composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1300km west of continental Portugal. Before travelling to Sao Miguel, I basically only new about the Azores from… Continue reading