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Dancing molecules

Boiling is the process of changing a liquid into vapor by applying heat. The molecules gain enough energy, to change from their liquid state and rise as vapor.


Huge amounts of water fall down the edge. Waterfalls act like magnets for people. People are hiking hours to reach some of them, and with all effort hike up to the top. In… Continue reading


Icelandic waterfalls 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge

Natural sculptures and giant waterfall

Hengifoss, in East Iceland, is not as famous as its big brothers Godafoss, Dettifoss or Gullfoss. However, I got more attached due to its amazing surrounding. Huge basalt columns frame the fourth highest waterfall… Continue reading

Rainbows, Fjords & Waterfalls

Before my trip to Iceland, my perception of this northern island was frosty coldness mixed with rainy ever changing weather and lava fields, volcanoes and stinky boiling  mud pots. Instead, it was almost 24 hours a day… Continue reading