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Raindrops keep fallin’

Into every life a little rain must fall. Make the best out of the rainy winter time and look at the beauty of the raindrops.

Highway Number 1

After three weeks, sightseeing in San Francisco, hiking in Yosemite and Sequoia National Park and spending 10 amazing days on Hawaii, the end of our journey was near.It was the last part of… Continue reading

A winter outlook

First of December and no snow in sight. Christmas is coming closer, all the Christmas markets are full with punch, Advent wreaths, candy apples and lots of kitsch, deco and fairy lights. Although,… Continue reading


Stations are a wonderful place to study people and their behavior. You see them relaxed when thinking about their upcoming holiday destination, annoyed when their train is delayed, angry when their luggage was… Continue reading

Leading the eye

As a photographer, you capture a 3 dimensionalĀ scene onĀ a 2 dimensional medium. To generate depth, you can use the lines and shapes, play around with focus and different apertures. Simply said, every photographer… Continue reading

Corners and edges, lumps and bumps

Black and white pictures with high contrast always emphasise edges and corners. For me, the Eiffel Tower is an ideal subject to try various angles and perspectives, to look at its edges, corners… Continue reading

Angular Duomo

Milano, Italy, is known for fashion and design.Expand your angle: Its famous Duomo is a paradise for photographers. Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Reach for the moon

Our achievements depend on our dreams and the goals we set. Our success in achieving these goals is influenced by our motivation, commitment, expectation, our social and emotional Environment.


My eyes are shining with joy whenever my plants are in full bloom. Flowers color and liven up the darkest room. Let them shine. Happy photo challenge! Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo… Continue reading

It’s all about perspective

Imagine: The nasty noise coming from the construction area across your office often makes it difficult to hear yourself think. Rattled you shut the window. Suddenly, you realise that you should have looked… Continue reading