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Flowers over flowers 10

Flowers in Iceland often have a rough time fighting the extreme conditions. Nevertheless, they manage to overcome challenging times.

Outdoor adventures

Being outdoors changes my inner clock and feeling. Sometimes the adrenalin might kick in or some amazing views will make my heart beat faster, but in the end I’m always happy and had… Continue reading

On the Giant Wheel

Vienna’s landmark, the Giant Wheel, is in the Prater, an amusement park.


This week’s photo challenge is all about grids.

Flowers over flowers 8

A walk in a park full of flowers is the best and relaxing break.

50 shades of ice

Despite being chilled to the bone, Iceland in winter made my heart beat faster.

Flowers over flowers 7

Flowers over flowers makes an excursion into the desert and an oasis. Fighting the desert heat and lack of water, plants have to adapt to survive. Lately, I have collected various pictures of huge… Continue reading

In the desert

Close to Joshua Tree National Park, between Colorado and Mojave desert, in the burning heat, live is challenging. In the middle of nowhere, I found a sign of staying connected.


This week’s photo challenge is all about connections. Symbols of being connected are all around us: friends and family, phones, computers, bridges, stairs – the list is endless.

Lilly on Tour: Good days on the road

Through August, we travelled from San Diego up to Yellowstone and visited various national parks and cities on the way. It was an amazing trip, 5712.6 km on the road, until we flew… Continue reading