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Nature’s mirror at Yosemite National Park In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Symmetry.”


Huge amounts of water fall down the edge. Waterfalls act like magnets for people. People are hiking hours to reach some of them, and with all effort hike up to the top. In… Continue reading


Finding the perfect match might appear impossible in the first place, but when you have found it, everything feels natural.

Nature at a glance

Take a walk in a field of sunflowers , hike up a mountain, run through the woods – go out and breathe the wild air. Nature is the world’s best teacher, explore and enjoy its wonders.

Reflections of silence

Water is essential and all times attracting. It has so many faces: water can be peacefully silent acting as a mirror like in the picture below. Waterfalls can show its massive strength. Severe weather and heavy rain can… Continue reading

Yosemite’s mirror

Picture of the day # 10 Whenever, I take a look at this picture, I can truely feel the joy of that hike to the top of the waterfall. It was such a perfect… Continue reading