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First snow this season

It was such a beautiful sunny fall day, hiking up Schneeberg we met the first traces of winter this season: snow.


You cannot catch the wind.

Breeze of fresh air

It was snowing all day long leading to snow chaos in Vienna. Every year it is a surprise again that we get snow in Austria. Same procedure as every year, cars, trucks and… Continue reading

Winter wonderland

That’s what winter is supposed to look like

Finally snow

After all these Christmas cookies and festive dinners, it was time to do some sports again. The long-awaited snow has finally covered the paths in white. The sound of crunching snow under the feet… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 8

What’s this cold powdery stuff that sops my paws? With a confused look and little hops, my cats bravely made their first steps in the unknown white powder, leaving their first tracks in the snow.