Animal friends

From early childhood on, my heart has always been beating for animals. Mr Nerd and me live in a household with 32 legs. – Sometimes, I feel like at the Walton’s home saying goodnight John Boy, …. The two cats follow me like a second shadow anywhere I move in my home (behaving more doggish than catish). Whatever I do, they are more than welcome offering their pleasant help. While reading, I hold my book up to be able to read, while cooking I am mostly fishing for hairs, while sleeping I cannot move my legs or arms, while writing I have to be aware of some “kjklajäsafjkljo kjlkjklj öj” whenever they are walking over my keyboard, when printing they are hunting the paper, when knitting they catch the wool – the list is endless. The bunny rabbits see everything as their food – any wood has bite marks (you never know how it will taste). My three tortoises are very social and always try to interact with the cats. Mostly, the cats do not understand their shelly companions (I suppose the cats think of the tortoises as moving stones) and jump out of the grass when the tortoises approach. Beside my personal ittle zoo, I love spending my time with animals wherever and whenever there is the time and chance to. Thus, not surprisingly, I have quite a collection of animal snapshots.

I would like to set up this page quite interactive. I would love to hear your pet and animal stories. How are your furry friends communicating with you? What are their quirks? What’s your favorite experience? What’s the most embarrassing situation your pets ever brought you in?

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