Character traits of a tortoise

Living together with 3 amazing tortoises made me recognize some similarities and traits to my own attitude and behavior. No, it’s not the fact that I would love to dive into some restorative winter sleep now that the temperature constantly decreases. Watching my tortoises strolling through the grass, climbing over or pushing away every obstacle or stumbling block barring their way, always makes me smile. They are a hundred percent committed to their goal. Whenever they have chosen a path, they will unerringly follow it, nothing can keep them from going.

Sometimes, an alternative route would be easier, but at that point they won’t give an inch. Those principally easy-going shelly animals can be stubborn as a mule. At a leisurely pace, they head on. Their life is a journey. Carrying their home and protective shelter with them, they can easily defend themselves and withdraw into their shell whenever they like. Any place can be their home and they can stop and rest wherever they see fit. Tortoises are known for their constancy, serenity and steadfastness, a symbol for wisdom, longevity and stability. Fearless they make their way, but always stay grounded. Today’s prompt asked for a custom zodiac – I think I have found my perfect match.


Custom Zodiac