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Ca(t)dvent Day 22

Cats are constantly looking to find new things to do, most of the time this ends with new troubles to get into. Whatever they do, they look absolutely committed and busy.

Ca(t)dvent Day 21

Cats love to scratch their claws, especially on the couch and chairs. As a pre-Christmas treat; I built and installed a custom scratching tree for them. So far, they are curious, mainly because the tree is… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 20

Finally, it is weekend. After sleeping until noon, I will read a book and maybe snooze a bit on the couch.Before Christmas stress? – No, I am out.

Ca(t)dvent Day 19

Aside of eating cookies and commercialism, Christmas is about sharing, love and togetherness – some qualities that more and more are forgotten while buying all the presents and decorating the house with kitsch… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 18

The last days before Christmas are always busy at work. Between some Christmas parties and last-minute meetings, the horrendous flood of emails is splashing upon us. Time for a furry break.

Ca(t)dvent Day 17

Cats love sitting in the edge in the shadow, secretly observing their surroundings.

Ca(t)dvent Day 16

When I was a kitten, jumping onto the table seemed to be an impossible mission. I couldn’t see over the grass, but I could hide everywhere. No flowerpot was small enough that I… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 15

Mr Nerd received a Carrera Go Racing set for his 35th birthday. Some games are for the young and the young at heart.

Ca(t)dvent Day 14

No golden present can ever hold a candle to my favorite toy. Some items have little material value, but found their place in our heart.It is the thought that counts, not the money… Continue reading

Ca(t)dvent Day 13

Think outside the box, do something different and unexpected! Isn’t Christmas about surprises, joy and happiness?