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Old school

Clearing an old house is like a time travel. You always find some ancient treasures.

Never judge a book by it’s cover

A book’s cover is supposed to set some expectations, make you pick it out of 1000s of other books and invite you to read it.


For recharging my empty batteries and bringing back my muse, I have a delightful recipe with only the best ingredients.


Fireworks – although used at various occasions and festivities – are still the major sign for starting a new year for me: making plans and New Year’s resolutions.

Cat basket

Every now and then, I buy a basket  with the aim to fill it with odds and sods. Easier said than done, the Little things never have space in basket.

Heroes of the night

Mans Zelmerlow was the hero of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. 12 points go to a fulminant show and an ever changing spectacular stage with wings of Conchita’s Phoenix.


What’s broken? It could be a glass, a relationship, followed by a broken heart, or vice versa the ice to open new opportunities.

Creative Gardening

Finding new purposes for trash and old stuff can be lots of fun. On the weekend, I have visited a gardening exhibition and found some highly creative ways of using all kind of… Continue reading

Cranky model

Mr Cat follows every step I take, but as soon as I take my camera, he turns and runs like saying “No, no, not me again. Pictures catch my soul, the clicking is… Continue reading

Dancing molecules

Boiling is the process of changing a liquid into vapor by applying heat. The molecules gain enough energy, to change from their liquid state and rise as vapor.