Emperor’s trifle

Arriving at the mountain hut completely exhausted and hungry after several hours of skiing or hiking, I am already looking forward to my favorite dish, the Kaiserschmarren. It’s a traditional heavenly-fluffy Austrian dessert – the amount of which it is usually served is a main dish though.


Literally translated, “Kaiser” means emperor, and “Schmarren” means mess or nonsense. You could compare it to teared pancakes, although the dough is way fluffier. Kaiserschmarren is served with baked plums or stewed fruit. Since my early childhood, I associate Kaiserschmarren with skiing and hiking, it’s the taste coming with the mountains. You can order it at most Austrian restaurants, however I rarely eat it anywhere else than on a mountain hut.

Do you have any favorite foods and dishes linked to certain environments to get the fully mouth-watering experience?