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Seals at La Jolla Beach

I spent the last couple of weeks at the US West Coast. In San Diego, I took some shots of seals lying around at La Jolla Beach. In response to Sally D’s Mobile… Continue reading

360° of shoe smell

Mr and Mrs Cat love to occupy our shoes. They do not show any preferences, any type of shoe is good enough to take a nap on.

Seasonal changes: summer fruits

July was hot and dry, after a short cool-down, the next heat wave is already knocking at August’s door.

Old school

Clearing an old house is like a time travel. You always find some ancient treasures.

Graz with charm

Spending some days in Graz, I found a great hotel with a brilliant and funny concept.

Tristaina mountain view

Andorra is a wonderful destination to enjoy nature and hike along beautiful trails.

Tea time: Frozen cocktail

A busy day ended with some great cocktails. Only quickly screening the menu, I went for a strawberry daiquiri with the words “nothing stylish, you always know what you get”.

Seasonal changes – sunny June

I cannot believe it is already half-time of our seasonal changes tour through 2015. Time has passed so quickly, and out of the sudden we have 30 degrees Celsius in Vienna. Summer has… Continue reading

Team work?

My cats and tortoises have a funny relationship: wherever the cat goes, she will have a friendly follower.

Heroes of the night

Mans Zelmerlow was the hero of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. 12 points go to a fulminant show and an ever changing spectacular stage with wings of Conchita’s Phoenix.