One day in the life of a cat

2014-09-29 21.08.46

Picture of the day #2

Well, the best days start with a short nap – a so called catnap. Nomen est omen. Strictly followed by some catlick, which itself is so terribly exhausting that it ends up again in a catnap. Now, you might think that cats are living in a never-ending feedback loop trapped in a vicious circle. Far wrong! A sleeping cat is my personal symbol and visualisation of happiness and satisfaction.But only the slightest noise – most of the time impossible to hear for unworthy humans – immediately turns out to be the biggest distraction. Now, the adventure begins: running, jumping, catching, sniffing, hissing, scratching, hunting, sneaking. The one second, the number one exercise is hunting a midge until we see this moving thing right behind and next to us – so we turn in circles trying to snatch a furry snake. Oh how embarrassing – it is our own tail. Awareness of an embarrassment is best hidden by a catlick leading to a catnap…