Pulsating geyser – feel Iceland’s heart beat

During my studies at university, the geology lessons were full of rocks but they did not roll. Those dusty lessons were a welcome invitation to dive into a world of imagination and daydreaming. After my trip to Iceland, the tide has turned.

For me, Iceland simultaneously represents a retrospect as well as a prospect of the Earth’s formation. While standing at the edge of the geyser Strokkur, engulfed by the smell of rotten eggs and boiling mud, you actually feel the pulse of formation and geological activity. That’s the way to experience geology. Instantly, you want to know more and soak up all information about geysers, glaciers, volcanoes and all kind of geothermal, hydrogeological conditions and activities. This periodically spouting hot spring was my personal trigger to dig and dive more into geology. It hit me, the once bored daydreaming student, like the big bang, while I was still standing at its late extensions.

Geyser: second -1

Geyser: second 0

Geyser: second 1