Floating icebergs

One of the most fascinating places in Iceland is Jökulsarlon, the famous glacier river lagoon. The lake is located at the edge of Vatnajöküll National Park. Due to receding and melting of the glaciers, the lagoon is constantly growing.

Ice calving causes that huge icebergs collect in the lake, melt during summer, become smaller and smaller, move towards the river mouth and finally float out into the Atlantic ocean. The water level and floating of the icebergs fluctuates with the tide. The picture with the mirroring silent water surface was taken during night. At daylight even birds and seals were swimming between the blue, white and grey ice.

Iceland: Icy reflections

The various colors of the icebergs are fascinating. You may ask why they all shine differently. The reason is quite simple. Air is trapped in the ice and due to different reflections you observe an interplay of the light with the crystals. Standing at the edge of the ice cold water, it feels like you have travelled with your time machine back into the ice age. Although, we were searching high and low, we neither found a frozen nut nor Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel. However, none of us dared to head for a swim….

Iceland: Glacier Lake

Iceland – Seals at Jöküllsarlon