Natural sculptures and giant waterfall

Hengifoss, in East Iceland, is not as famous as its big brothers Godafoss, Dettifoss or Gullfoss. However, I got more attached due to its amazing surrounding. Huge basalt columns frame the fourth highest waterfall of Iceland.

These polygonal columns seem like they have been artificially constructed. Some of them are almost perfect hexagonal columns. It even seems like an artist has drawn continuous lines of red clay to add a blur of color and bring this scenery to its perfection.

The polygonal basalt pillars are often even referred to as giant stone crystals. However when looking at their structure, they are not crystals. The basalt columns are formed during the solidification process of lava. The lava is cooling down, getting a crust at the outer surface that harbors a liquid core. Due to constant cooling and condensing contraction, it gets cracks finally resulting in polygonal pillars.

When you take a closer look at the picture taken from straight above, you see that most columns are 5 or 6 sided. Every pillar is somehow different. While walking on top of them, it looks like giant stepping-stones that perfectly have been arranged. For me, this place is another proof of nature’s perfect and brilliant art.

Polygonal columns

Iceland – Hengifoss