Twisted around their little paw

Since my early childhood, my heart has been beating for animals. Still I could never ever imagine a life without my feathered and furry little fellows. In contrast, Mister Nerd did not bring too much furry experience into our relationship. When we moved into a  big apartment, it was time to go for the big change.

When we went to see the kittens, I remember his words as if he had just said it seconds before “Just one kitten! We are not going to have any more than one cat!”. There were 3 male and one shy female kitten strolling and crawling on and around us. How could you not fall for them?

The smallest shy little kitty was the weakest and thus immediately had all my sympathy. Independent of how hard the decision would be, to me it was clear I could not leave that picture of misery behind. In the meantime, the cheeky devil of the litter was playing innocently with Mr Nerd. Although, he sceptically tried to fight against it, I could feel his first resistance getting cracks.

Shortly after, it was time to make a call. As discussed before, I had to make the decision and was allowed to only choose one of them. I was playing my cards close to my chest. I pointed at the little timid kitty that was hiding under  the couch shyly peeking at us. The second, I saw Mr Nerd’s disappointment about my decision, I knew I had won. He tried to convince me of taking the vivid, funny fellow, but I stood firm. When he realized I had not chosen HIS cat, it desperately bursted out of him “Then, we take both.”

What shall I say? Hard at the outside and pudding inside as soon as our new flatmates started snuggling, cuddling and purring. My heart was jumping and I was beside myself with joy. Here, I am lucky that I am the only one telling this story. Because nowadays, two years later, Mr Nerd is telling everyone that it was his sole idea to adopt the cats… what a twist……