Magical mystery in Paris

In any season, Paris, the city of love, is always worth a trip. It’s a shining capital covered in an enchanting, magical atmosphere.


Different angle and mystery light: Louvre

My description of Paris in 5 words would be:

1) Fashion – remembering my suitcase on the way back home, it had to be number one

2) Promenade – the best way to explore a city is to stroll around. Montmartre with its artistic flair and village-like charm is an ideal starting point. From Moulin Rouge to Sacre Coeur it’s always lively. The street artists, the paintings, the bars and cafés, the shabby-chic of this historic district perfectly fulfills the Parisian cliché – which directly leads me to my number 3

3) Art – I got lost in the Louvre somewhere around the collection of Flemish masters of the 15th century. You could spend weeks in there without seeing everything. Paris is full of galleries and museums. You can hop from modern, vanguard, baroque over surrealism to impressionism, photography and literature without any effort.

4) Architecture – this might be an endless list as well, just to mention the most famous ones: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou, Sacre Coeur


Notre Dame

5) Cemeteries – probably, I have been living in Vienna for too long and gained some morbidity traits (also see Vienna’s immortal bond to morbidity) However, you can visit famous ancestors, philosophers and stars surrounded by architectonic highlights like in a park area. Just to name a few – Père-Lachaise, Montparnasse, Montmartre.

Still, my all time favorite association with Paris is the Eiffel Tower by night:

paris2 (2) paris2 (1)

What does Paris symbolize for your?