Ca(t)dvent – Day 1

The countdown towards Christmas has officially started: 24 more days. Time to put up some decorations and candles. As soon as I started unpacking the box of kitsch, odds and ends, Christmas tree balls and other small stuff, I saw the sparkling and excitement in my cat’s eyes.

Happily, she “helped” me decorating the advent wreath, hiding the Christmas baubles, catching the wire, biting the pine branches and almost sticking her nose to the glue bottle.



It is always a pleasure doing some decorating or art work while my cats are around. Actually, I cannot remember a time when they would not be around eagerly offering their help. They are busily looking around, trying to explore all the strange stuff lying around on the desk. The Christmas ball ornaments are of special interest, they roll and spin when their paw touches them.


I am wondering whether I will find some bits and parts of the wreath lying around on the floor tomorrow morning. However, for now, part one of my Christmas decorating mission is accomplished: Madame is posing next to the result.