Rainbows, Fjords & Waterfalls

Before my trip to Iceland, my perception of this northern island was frosty coldness mixed with rainy ever changing weather and lava fields, volcanoes and stinky boiling  mud pots. Instead, it was almost 24 hours a day sunny. Afraid that this might change rapidly, I wanted to enjoy the perfect setting as much as possible.

The white nights were my friend and supporter. Basically, we spent every minute outside. Sleep- we would it get during the rain. (As the rain did not come, we had several naps in very cute hotels).

In Iceland, you see waterfalls everywhere. Dynjandifoss, the biggest waterfall of the Westfjords, is massive with a height of approx. 100m. The sunlight was reflected in the tiny water drops and we were in the middle of rainbows. Unfortunately, we did not find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe, there are only elves and gnomes living in Iceland and the leprechauns stick to Irish rainbows. However, our holiday itself was a giant pot full of happiness and joy. Thus, we found more than we were looking for.

What really is changing every five minutes is the landscape around you. You drive from one fjord to the next, up the mountain and you go through different climates and scenery. Within some hours, we were throwing snowballs at each other, lying in the sun with chocolate bars and strolling around at the seaside climbing on surreal green mossy stones. But see yourself. (Our car is the tiny spot between the walls of snow on the winding gravel road.)

Iceland – Rainbows & Waterfalls

Iceland – Dynjandifoss

Iceland – All mossy

Iceland – Snow up the mountains