Spice up your life

Slowly, the sun is finding her way back to Vienna sending first little hints for spring. Still packed in warm jackets, one can start now to drink the coffee outside again. Soon, the Naschmarkt, a market place between Kettenbrückengasse and Karlsplatz, will be full with people sitting outside the food stalls chatting, reading, and enjoying the colorful drive.


The Naschmarkt is a place that never gets boring to me. I love shopping spices, teas, strange-looking veggies and trying various foods kindly provided by the market people. It is a perfect place to get some good food and coffee, meeting friends, taking pictures or simply strolling around.


I like the smell of the herbs and spices and their colorful packing.


I can easily get lost wandering around the market place for hours. What is your favorite place in your city for strolling around, drinking coffee and finding some good picture opportunities?

For example, Lucile, organizing the Photo101 Rehab, found some great street art in Amsterdam. If you also like to join or photography group, visit her blog for more Information.