Seasonal changes – hot and dry, it’s July

Currently, there is a heat wave over Vienna which makes me feel like melting. The meadows and grass are dry and sere, the air is hot and heavy. The asphalt and concrete of the city reflect the blistering heat. The only chance to cool down is jumping into a pool or going into the shadowy cool woods.

In January, I started posting pictures of my running route. In 2015, I will post pictures of spots of this route every month to capture the seasonal changes. Cardinal Guzman had that brilliant idea – if you also want to join or find out more about our monthly seasonal changes challenge visit his blog for instructions.

Seasonal changes 6 – Sunny June

Seasonal changes 5 – May flowers

Seasonal changes 4 – Bear’s garlic

Seasonal changes 3 – Spring is close

Seasonal changes 2 – Frozen

Seasonal changes 1 – Winter wonderland